Outdoor Dog Project

A special thank you to the Cherry Blossoms for their help and support with our outdoor supply kit project for chained and penned dogs. The Cherry Blossom chapter of the National Charity League, Inc. is a local group made up of mother/daughter teams who work together to give back to their community. They have worked with Worthy Dog Rescue over the years on numerous projects – staffing our holiday gift wrap, doing supply drives for the dogs, and now helping us with this incredibly important project for outside dogs.

They raised money to buy supplies for these kits, did all the assembly, and the girls personalized each bag by including pictures of their dogs and notes to convey how much their dog means to them. These bags also include contact information for low-cost and free spay/neuter clinics, summer safety tips to keep your dog healthy in the hot summer, an overview of York County animal protection laws so that owners know what is required for basic care, and a coloring activity book for kids that teaches proper pet care. We also added a toy for the dogs, some Flys-Off to protect their ears from flies, and a large plastic water bowl to help encourage a plentiful water supply.

Our team in SC will be distributing these supply kits to various families who have chained and penned dog over the next few weeks, and hope to change some minds and educate the community about animal welfare.

Thanks to all who contributed to this project to include FETCHbranding and Pam C for the awesome bags!

DAY 1 – With their new outdoor dog goodie bags in hand, our SC team went out yesterday to deliver information and supplies to some local families with chained and penned dogs. The bags were a great icebreaker to open up a dialogue about how to better care for their pets, spay/neuter options, and to educate them on the laws and requirements for pet care in York County.

The dogs also got clean new water bowls filled with fresh water and bone toys to play with. The pups they encountered were so happy to get some attention and a toy, you can just see it in their faces. Our team was also able to apply donated Flys-Off ointment to their ears to ward off flies, and give them much needed flea/tick preventative to protect them from heartworm disease.

Doing this outreach is not an easy thing, and leaving these dogs behind is tough, but the numbers of outdoor dogs in this community is overwhelming. Our SC team is using education and personal appeals in the hope of making these dogs’ lives a little better. Yesterday was a success, and a few families even signed up to spay and neuter their dogs.

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