Adoption Update

Last week was Spring Break for many folks, and the perfect time for families who had the week off to welcome a new pup. Congratulations to Annie, Daisy, Ezra, Mary, Orion, Marley, Joey, and Hermione who each found their forever homes, and congratulations to their new families who saved a life by choosing rescue.

Worthy Dog Rescue takes in dogs from all circumstances, and some come in needing more rehabilitation than others. Annie was one such dog who had been living in a rural shelter, and was terrified inside and deathly afraid of going outdoors. She wouldn’t greet people interested in adopting, and because she was so fearful of going outside, she was never able to get exercise breaks to relieve stress. She was declining at the shelter and needed a more nurturing environment, so the staff reached out to Worthy Dog for help.

Fortunately for Annie, two brand new fosters, Bonnie and JW, stepped up to take her in. They were incredibly committed to helping her work through her fears, and what an amazing transformation she made in their home in only 3 weeks! We were thrilled to receive this update from Bonnie:

I’m so pleased to let you know that Annie is ready for a forever home. She has adapted to noisy children, wants to be around them, and even gives them kisses. She does not need anyone to go with her when she goes outside and runs to the door to do her thing, she is even wanting to explore the neighborhood with her nose as is natural. She likes to go meet anyone who comes to the house and will go and sit by them on her own. Our cat no longer pushes her around–she has never been rough with him or caused him to be frightened. Passing rambunctious dogs that are barking about her does not make her freeze up, she will keep walking. She is a smart little thing with some command training and very good manners. I think she would thrive in a home with children. But she is quite satisfied being a couch potato, too.

With just a few weeks of TLC from this great foster family, Annie became a different dog. She now has two parents who love her and are committed to continuing her transformation. Fostering is not just a good thing to do for dogs, it can be personally rewarding in ways you may not expect, and it’s a great way to get involved and volunteer your time in the comfort of your own home.

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