Adoption Success!

We are celebrating today because our senior duo, Big Stuff and Babe, have been adopted by their awesome foster family, and are officially home for good. This sweet bonded pair belonged to one of Worthy Dog’s foster moms who suddenly passed away last year. They’d lived together most of their lives, and we really wanted to keep them together and find them a loving home to live out their golden years.

Luckily, one of our prior adopters, the Ahns, decided as a family they wanted to foster a senior dog in need. Luckily for Big Stuff and Babe, they were open to taking two, and the rest is history. We visited Big Stuff and Babe only a few days after they had been in their new foster home, and they acted like they had been there for years. It was an excellent fit from day one.

Earlier this week, we received an update from foster mom, Cathy:

We had a “family meeting” last night after dinner and there was 100% agreement. We went through an extensive pro/con discussion about the added stresses, potential sadnesses, and joys that taking two seniors on permanently will bring and my kids said “well, if we only have them for a few years at least they’ll be happy until then. Ha ha! The wisdom of kids. Babe and Big Stuff have been a part of our family since they arrived and they love us so much and we love them right back (yes, even Annie!). We’re so attached to the dogs now, we can’t imagine our household without them. But more importantly, they’re 100% attached to us and really love being here.


They’ve blossomed both in terms of personality as well as physically – their coats have basically stopped shedding and they do a happy dance every day we come home. Babe waits for me outside the bathroom every single time I shower and she follows me down to the basement and waits while I fold laundry every day! But the other thing that I keep thinking about is that I would always wonder whether the dogs are getting as much attention and love as they get older and need more care. Just the other day we noticed that Babe was really stiff in the mornings so I went to Petco and bought a bottle of Cosequin, and started giving her glucosamine/chondroitin supplements that day without hesitation. And every time Big Stuff throws up or has an accident in our house, we make him boiled chicken with rice and green beans until his stomachs settle. It would kill me to think that they would end up having anything less than that now that they’re finally in a stable and super happy place in their golden years. Our kids sleep with Babe/Big stuff in their bedroom and tear up every time we talk about the fact that someone may want to adopt them.

Today we celebrate the Ahn family for fostering and adopting not one, but two senior dogs, and giving them a wonderful loving home.

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