Senior Adoption Success: Cassie

ADOPTION SUCCESS! We are ending 2016 on a very positive note, celebrating the adoption of our sweet senior pup, Cassie.

Cassie was abandoned by her family earlier this year, which is always a heartbreaking experience, but for Cassie, it turned out to be her path to a better life. Once she was in our care, we discovered that she had never really been nurtured in her prior home, and never given proper vet care. She wasn’t allowed to join her family on the couch or in bed to snuggle, wasn’t allowed access to most of the house, and spent hours every day in an old rickety crate in the garage, with a dirty pair of ripped of jeans that served as her bedding.

Because of the time it takes to find an adopter for a senior pup, we needed to find a foster family who was willing to make a long-term commitment. Fortunately for Cassie, the Jackson family stepped up, and set out to make sure she understood she was part of their family. They showered her with love and attention, and introduced her to the comforts of home. Emily, one of three teens in the house, made sure Cassie would join her on the couch when it was family TV time, and Cassie bonded with her foster mom, Kim, during their daily pill/snack routine. Cassie discovered the joys of playing with toys, and began to get excited when it was walk time. She started rolling around in the grass, soaking up the sun with their other dogs, and got to know what it was really like to be part of a family, possibly for the first time in her 11 years.

The Jacksons put a lot of time and effort into Cassie’s care after we discovered she had medical needs to address, skin infections that later required surgery, and a diagnosis of Cushing’s disease, which required numerous rounds of tests and vet visits. They were Cassie’s advocate and family, and she lived happily with them for over 7 months.

This week, just after Christmas, Cassie went home. She was adopted by the loving family of one of our hardest-working team members, and now has two retired parents who adore her, and will take her with them everywhere. She now lives on 7 acres in Wisconsin, and is able to walk the farm with her new dad and greet the goat, cats, and chickens who live there. New mom, Joyce, is a lifelong animal advocate who was not deterred by Cassie’s ailments, and wanted to help a dog who was truly in need.

A special thanks to all of Cassie’s rescue angels who rescued Cassie from her former home, the Jackson family who took her in and taught her what it was like to be part of a family, Dr. Bruzzese at Caring Hands Animal Hospital, who helped us navigate through her numerous health issues and got Cassie back on track, and her new family who chose to welcome a senior dog into their home to live out her golden years being loved and cherished.
This is what rescue is all about. Worthy Dog takes in dogs of every age, breed, and circumstance because we believe all dogs deserve the opportunity to have a great life. As you consider your end of the year giving, please keep the pups in mind. We rely on the support of friends like you to continue making a difference.

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