From Facebook to Freedom

We received a call last week from a rescue volunteer, Jeanne, who saw Ella posted as a free giveaway on Facebook in an online yard sale in West Virginia. She was clearly a chained dog, living in a bad situation that was about to get worse if she were to fall into the wrong hands. Jeanne reached out to Worthy Dog for help, offering to bring her to safety until we can find a good foster home or adopter.

Jeanne contacted Ella’s family who said they were moving, and offered that Ella was a sweet dog who was good with their two toddlers. When Jeanne went to pick Ella up, she found her chained outside to an old wooden doghouse that provided little comfort. Ella’s food was scattered on the ground and she had a filthy, empty water bowl to drink from. Ella responded immediately to Jeanne’s warmth and attention, and obviously just wanted some love.

Jeanne took Ella home and quickly discovered what a sweet, laid-back dog she is. She’s being fostered with 5 other dogs and gets along well with each of them, so much so that she’s already fully integrated into the pack. She has no food aggression, is very submissive, and is more of a calm pup who isn’t needy, but really enjoys sharing affection.

Ella is quickly adjusting to life indoors. She was introduced to the crate, and will go in on her own now when it’s bedtime. Jeanne is working with her on potty training, and she is picking it up quickly. Ella is learning what it’s like to have regular meals and eat from a bowl, and the first few times Jeanne fed her, she would joyfully pick up her food bowl, still full of kibble, and carry it around with pride. It made Jeanne laugh and every day she sees more joy in Ella.

We are so thankful for caring folks like Jeanne who keep an eye out, and advocate for the dogs in their community. Ella is an awesome, sweet dog who is about to start a wonderful new chapter in her life. We think she is a Blue Heeler or Shepherd mix who’s about 5 years old and 30lbs. We are looking for a foster or adopter who will welcome Ella into their home.

If want to help us continue to save dogs like Ella, consider donating towards their medical care.

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