A Senior Pit Bull’s Second Chance

ADOPTION SUCCESS! We suspected from day one that she was never leaving, but we’re happy to announce that Mercedes, now Kaya, has officially been adopted by her foster family!

Kaya’s story is a testament to the resiliency and forgiveness of dogs, having spent the first 6 years of her life on a chain, isolated from her family, bred repeatedly, and never cared for. She came into the rescue with heartworm disease, skin and flea allergies, and was underweight, but even with all the mistreatment and neglect she suffered through, she is still an incredibly affectionate and loving dog who just wants to please.

Kaya loves people, she’s great with the kids and neighborhood dogs, and even respects the family cat and is learning to share her space. Kaya’s life has changed so dramatically in just a few months – she’s now an indoor dog who enjoys stretching out on the couch for a long nap, and snuggling up with her family at night. She gets daily walks, has regular doggy playdates, and goes on family outings and hikes on the weekend. We are so happy for her, and thankful to her family who gave a senior, black bully girl this amazing second chance.

Kaya’s story shows that dogs coming from even the most unfortunate circumstances can quickly blossom, with a little love and TLC into awesome family dogs. Thanks to One By One Animal Advocates and the foster families along the way who make Kaya’s happy ending possible. We celebrate with you!

Want to help save a deserving dog like Kaya? Foster or adopt today!

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