The New & Improved Kay Kay

Meet Kay Kay, our adorable, loving Corgi mix who’s back in action and ready to start her new life. Kay Kay is a dog who loves people, and is devoted to family, even though family has failed her in the past. She was adopted from a rural shelter, then years later surrendered to a high kill shelter with her pup siblings when her family fell on hard times. She was about to be euthanized when Worthy Dog Rescue stepped in to save her, so we now have the opportunity to do right by Kay Kay in her next home.

When she came into the rescue, Kay Kay was overweight and had a partially torn ligament (CCL) in her knee that was causing her discomfort and pain. She had surgery to repair the ligament in January, and thanks to her dedicated foster mom, Jen, she has made a quick recovery from surgery, as well as an amazing transformation, dropping 12 pounds in the past few months. Jen has done an excellent job nursing Kay Kay through rehabilitation, and she has emerged a happier, healthier pup who is moving around better than ever.

Kay Kay is being fostered in Fairfax, VA, and has two foster sisters (8 & 12 years old) and a sweet little 5 pound Chihuahua named Wicky she adores. She loves to give kisses, and is very gentle with the kids and her tiny pup companion. Kay Kay gets a lot of love and attention from her foster family, as well as daily walks to keep her trim. She’s about 3.5 years old now, and at 42 pounds, she has a short, stocky build, and is close to her ideal weight.

Kay Kay’s foster mom sends us this report:

She is SO loving! She really has melted our hearts already. I doubt anyone has ever been abusive to her because she’s so trusting and unafraid. She’s adjusted to my kids and is gentle with them too. She hops right up on the couch and wants to be a lap dog. She snuggles and gives hugs and kisses, and just wants to be with her people. She likes to play ball, loves belly rubs, and really enjoys being outside, rolling in the grass and just being a dog.

Kay Kay will make an excellent addition to a family with kids or other dogs, or a single-person or couple looking for a loyal companion. She will fit best in a calmer, quiet neighborhood, and a fenced yard would be ideal for her. Kay Kay loves to go on walks, but can be barky and reactive on leash to some dogs. We’ve had a trainer in to work with her on her leash skills, and she’s improved, but needs a calm, assertive owner to lead her and continue her leash training, and commit to her daily exercise.

It’s been almost 3 months now since Kay Kay had surgery and her recovery has gone exceptionally well. She’s had multiple sets of x-rays on her knee and is on track with her healing, and she’s increased her stamina and walks without pain now. The CCL repair is a very common procedure in dogs, and she has almost fully recovered.

We know there are a ton of Corgi lovers out there, so please share Kay Kay’s story with your friends to help find her a home, of if you want to learn more about KayKay, apply today!


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