Adoption Success: Marley

Our young, blue-eyed pit bull pup, Marley, went home this week. Her new family shared some adorable video of Marley with her new baby sister and pup companion, Chihiro. Marley is so sweet and respectful with this adorable little girl, and she’s still only a puppy herself. Pit Bulls were once nicknamed “nanny dogs” because of their loyalty and temperament with the family, and were entrusted to keep watch over young children while their parents worked on the farm.

We love sharing positive press about this great breed, and dogs like Marley make the case with their wonderful, loving temperament every day. Here’s an update from her new family:

Kelda (formerly Marley) has been home with us for two weeks now, and it’s like she’s always been here. She’s slotted perfectly into our family. She is such a sweet, affectionate, loving dog, that even friends of mine who don’t like dogs adore her. Kelda loves everything from her daily couch snuggles with one or more (often more) members of the family, to entertaining our 2 year old Alexa and her friends at the playground. She’s a very popular among Alexa’s friends, and is so patient and loving with them, she will let multiple toddlers love on her without batting an eye.


She’s even won the indulgence of our older, somewhat grouchy dog Chihiro. When they were still adjusting to each other Chihiro would snap at Kelda a bit if she thought Kelda was in her space, but Kelda just got up and walked away from all of those situations. Now they love their multiple daily romps in the yard, and Chihiro amazingly puts up with Kelda’s affectionate sloppy kisses right on her face.


Perhaps most amazing of all was how quickly Kelda won over our cats. We’ve dog sat for friends on many occasions, and it was always at least 24 hours before we saw our cats emerge from their hiding places upon the arrival of a new dog. With Kelda, one of our cats never even bothered to hide, and the other was out by the end of the first evening. Their interactions have been far too brief for me to catch any on camera, and they might never cuddle, but even the pickiest feline members of our family have accepted Kelda.


We just have to thank everyone at [Worthy Dog Rescue] from the depths of our hearts, especially all of Kelda’s foster parents for finding, caring for, and loving this wonderful dog, and the adoption coordinator for helping us find her. She is exactly the right match for us.

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