Andy’s Long Journey Home

Andy was first rescued as a young puppy when the home he was living in was raided as part of a dogfighting bust. Officers discovered Andy and several other dogs chained on the property and took them into custody. Andy was too young to fight, so he escaped a life of violence, but he had been raised in isolation, separated from his mother too soon, and never had love of a family or the security of home.

Animal Control released Andy to the local shelter where he spent many months as his case worked through the system, but like most pit bulls in shelters, he stood little chance of ever being adopted. When his time ran out at the shelter, the staff put a plea out to the community to help, and he was taken in by Martha, a Good Samaritan who had set up a boarding area in her barn for dogs who were out of options. Martha gave Andy a comfy bed, toys to play with, and kept him safe for almost a year until she was struck with a sudden illness and could no longer care for him. Her dying wish was for Andy to find a loving home, and Worthy Dog Rescue was called into help.

When Andy came into foster care he was shut down. Never having had a true connection with people, he wouldn’t allow himself to trust, and his fear of closed spaces made him pace with worry when he was brought indoors. Fortunately, Andy was taken in by world-class foster parents, James and Regan, who were committed to him and diligent about his rehabilitation. They allowed ample time to earn his trust and gave him lots of love.

Initially, Andy wasn’t even comfortable eating inside, but his foster parents gradually fed him closer and closer to the house to ease him into to acceptance. They celebrated each step forward; the first time he ate a meal indoors, the first time he felt comfortable to move freely in the house, the first time he showed affection or snuggled with the other dogs. He found some comfort in the other dogs in his foster home, and gradually began to follow their lead. When he was outside in the back yard, off leash and playing with the other dogs, they could see glimpses of joy and a picture of the dog that Andy could become.

We are overjoyed to announce that Andy has been adopted by his awesome foster parents, James and Regan. He will continue to grow with two dedicated parents who love him, two canine pals he adores, a big fenced yard to romp and play in, and regular schedule of hikes and outings. He comes out of his shell more every day, and has finally found joy.

Martha would be so pleased to know that Andy is finally home. A special thanks to all the foster families who make these stories possible.

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