We Love Lucy

Lucy comes to Worthy Dog Rescue from Henderson, NC where she was rescued from being penned in a back yard, isolated from people with no shade or shelter, or access to consistent food and water. Lucy’s foster mom, Cindy, first saw Lucy on a Facebook post from someone who found her with another dog who had been hit by a car. Lucy may have also been involved in that accident, as she was limping and in poor shape when found. The woman took Lucy home, but instead of getting medical attention for her obvious injury, she penned her up in the yard without any regard for her care or basic needs.

Concerned for Lucy’s well-being, Cindy kept monitoring the posts about her on Facebook, and when the person who “rescued” her announced she was taking her to the pound, Cindy and her husband John took action to save her. They were seasoned fosters, and knew that an injured, weak dog would never make it out of the shelter alive. They called a friend in the area who went to pick Lucy up, and found her wasting away in a filthy pen, with no water or food. She was in bad shape, and immediately taken to emergency care where the doctor determined that, with some TLC and a lot of rehabilitation, she could make a full recovery.

When Cindy and John went to pick her up, they found a number for Lucy’s former owner on her collar, and called to get his approval to release Lucy to their care, which he did without a second thought. He declared that Lucy “couldn’t hunt,” so he withheld food from her, and because she was afraid of noises and guns, he would hit her with a board to try to toughen her up. This sweet, gentle dog has had to deal with a lot of bad things in her young life, but her resilient spirit helped see her through it.

When Lucy first arrived at her foster home in Virginia, she was still very fearful and wouldn’t come inside for days, or even eat food or drink water. A behaviorist was brought in to help with her fears of noises and people, and after about a week, she was comfortable enough to eat and drink in front of her foster family, and found a safe place for herself on the new dog bed they purchased for her.

Initially, Lucy stayed in her bed and avoided her new foster family. To encourage her to engage, they began leashing her in the house and bringing her to each of their daily activities. This got her out of her comfort zone and she gradually became at ease with the rhythm of their active home. After about a month, Lucy took a big step forward one morning and came into the living room all on her own to curl up in her foster dad’s lap. John says he’ll never forget that day, and that it was the true beginning of Lucy’s recovery.

It’s been 7 months since then, and Lucy has overcome many of her fears. She loves going out for walks on leash, and is even learning to sit politely at stop signs until it’s time to cross. Lucy’s foster parents have done so much to help her make the transition to home life, and reached out to Worthy Dog Rescue to help her take the next step to finding a great home.

Today, Lucy has much more confidence and has become a social pup. She’s being fostered with 4 cats, 2 kids, and a dog, as well as several other foster dogs who frequent the home, and she gets along great with all of them. Lucy loves to run and play with the other dogs in the back yard, and will snuggle with the cats in her bed. She loves chasing sticks and balls, and at only 2 years old and 35 pounds, is quite fast and athletic. She still has one leg that she favors from her earlier accident, but it doesn’t hinder her at all.

Lucy’s biggest transformation has been her acceptance of people and the emergence of her very affectionate nature. She is such a sweet soul who just wants to be near a family who loves her. Her next home should have at least one other dog for companionship, and she’s excellent with cats too. She’s good with all kids, but a calmer home with older kids would be a better fit for her. She needs a patient and diligent owner who will lead her, continue her training, and work with her to transition to her new home.

We do expect there to be some challenges and setbacks as Lucy acclimates to a new environment. She will need some time to adjust to the new noises and people in a new home, and will need a consistent routine and schedule she can count on and trust. She may need a refresher course on potty training too.

This gorgeous girl is incredibly sweet and affectionate, and deserves a nurturing home who will love and protect her, and appreciate the awesome dog that she is. If you want to learn more about Lucy, apply to adopt her today: http://adopt.worthydog.org

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