A Major Undertaking Almost Complete

In May of 2014, our Worthy Dog Rescue team in South Carolina was contacted by Animal Control to help with a hoarding situation in York County. The hoarder was a disabled Vietnam veteran named Mitchell who was injured in service to his country, lost his hearing, was suffering from PTSD, and was unable to make sound decisions for himself or his dogs.

Mitchell started rescuing dogs with the best of intentions, taking in stray dogs that had been discarded and dumped by the side of the road. He wanted to help the dogs, but wasn’t equipped to provide proper vet care, shelter, or protection for the dogs who had to fend for themselves in chaos. The dogs were not spayed or neutered, living in small, crowded pens, and the situation eventually spiraled out of control. The number of dogs on the property quickly escalated from a few strays to nearly 70, after multiple litters of puppies were born.

All of Mitchell’s dogs lacked socialization, most were fearful of human touch, and many needed rehabilitation. Our SC Worthy Dog team spearheaded this very challenging rescue effort, recruiting other rescues to help take the puppies and younger dogs who were less affected. To date, Worthy Dog has successfully removed and re-homed 59 dogs from the property, and 8 of the 9 remaining dogs have been spayed or neutered. Our goal is to rescue 4 more dogs from the property that we consider to be adoptable and have very submissive personalities. We have been able to assess and interact with each dog during their visits to the vet, and will not give up on them until they are out of harm’s way. Sadly, a few of the remaining dogs have more aggressive tendencies, and are bullying the dogs we want to save, so time is precious. Dogs are not meant to live in confinement with this much competition for food, resources, and attention, and it triggers a survival behavior where the weaker dogs will suffer.

Earlier this week we rescued Polly from the property, and discovered she was in need of urgent medical care. Polly is a timid, submissive 5-year-old Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix who has been repeatedly attacked by the other dogs. Because of Mitchell’s hearing loss, he was unaware of the severity of the situation, and it wasn’t until our volunteer picked her up that we realized Polly was suffering in pain, and needed immediate medical attention. Poor Polly has over 30 puncture wounds on her body, is fighting a deep infection, and had to have six drains put in. She was transferred to the animal hospital yesterday because she needed such specialized care.

Polly’s medical bills were unexpected, and have already cost the rescue $3,000, and that number will continue to rise. We are so close to completing this enormous undertaking, and desperately want to get the other dogs out, but have exhausted our emergency funds. We rely on support from our community to help saves these precious pups who need a voice and an advocate.

Please consider a donation towards Polly’s care and to help us rescue the deserving dogs who are still left behind. All donations are tax deductible, and will go directly towards making a real difference in these dogs’ lives. http://worthydog.org/donate

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