Charming Chewy

Chewy is a gorgeous young Shepherd-Husky mix, and a naturally social dog who is great with kids, other dogs, and cats too. At only eleven months old, he’s still filling out his 60 pound frame, but he is a handsome boy with striking bi-color eyes, a beautiful coat, and an athletic build. Chewy is a star at the local dog park, with his goofy, playful, puppy-like demeanor, and he loves to play fetch and run around with the other dogs. He’s also a big fan of soft, fluffy toys and loves to snuggle up with them when he’s sleeping. He needs an active home and plenty of exercise, but he can also just hang out on the couch with you when it’s time to relax.

Chewy was the casualty of an adoption that never should have taken place. He was originally adopted by a family who loved him, but weren’t prepared for the commitment of taking care of a large, active puppy who needs regular physical activity. They had toddlers in the home, worked long hours, and lived a sedentary lifestyle, and found themselves in over their heads. Thankfully, they wanted to do right by Chewy and called Worthy Dog Rescue for help. We quickly understood that Chewy was a sweet, loving dog that was just not the right fit for this family, so we brought him into the rescue.

Our goal now is to find a match for sweet Chewy. He’s a great dog who will make an awesome companion, but he needs someone who will be committed to regular daily walks and playtime, and a flexible schedule to dedicate quality time to settling him in. His new family should love exploring the outdoors, because he will be an excellent running partner and hiking buddy too.

In foster care, we’ve discovered that Chewy has some separation anxiety that he still needs to work through. He gets anxious in the crate when left alone, and has been known to chew on a shoe or two to calm his nerves at home by himself. We have brought in a trainer to work with his foster family, and they are doing daily desensitization exercises around the crate and seeing improvement, and he will need an owner who will see this training through so he can stay happy and calm in any situation.

When someone is home, Chewy is the perfect dog, and his foster family gives him free roam of the house day and night. Chewy is housetrained and very smart, and he just needs someone who will make sure he gets the proper exercise and training he needs to reach his full potential. Worthy Dog Rescue will provide an initial session with the trainer who has been working with Chewy to help get him settled in to his new home.

Chewy is a really special dog in every way. He has a gentle nature and learns quickly, he’s social, affectionate and will make a loyal addition to your family. We think having another young, playful dog in the family would be ideal and may even help address any remaining separation anxiety. Chewy has a submissive, tentative nature, and with the time, attention, and some stability, he will be a fantastic family dog.

This gorgeous, sweet boy will be an excellent fit in the right home, whether you have kids, cats, dogs, or none of the above. If you want to learn more about sweet Chewy, apply for him today. If you have further questions, you can email us at

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