Fun-loving Bodie

Bodie is a cute young Basset Hound/Beagle mix who is a happy, playful, and sometimes mischievous little guy with a zest for life. He’s only about a year old and weighs 34 pounds, and is still very puppy like in his ways. He has the cute little face and soulful eyes of a Beagle, and the short legs and long body of a Basset. His stubby legs don’t slow him down a bit, though, and he can run and play with anyone who’s willing to keep up with him. He’s great with other dogs, and would make an excellent second dog, playmate, and family companion.

Bodie is a lucky dog whose fate was changed because a concerned neighbor reached out to Worthy Dog Rescue to help him. His life started like most dogs, living indoors in a home in North Carolina as part of family. His family fell on hard times and had to move in with relatives who didn’t want him, so Bodie found himself chained in their back yard in the heat of summer. The caring neighbor who knew Bodie saw this unfold and took action to save him from a life of isolation and get help.

We all like to picture dogs living in a loving home surrounded by family, but thousands of dogs still live in isolation, chained or penned in back yards. Dogs are social animals who thrive on interaction with their pack, and today’s domesticated dogs rely on their human families for comfort, safety, and companionship. Chaining or penning a dog for long periods of time is an act of cruelty, causing suffering and feelings of rejection and punishment, and over time it can lead to fearful and aggressive behavior.

Thankfully, Bodie was saved before he spent much time on the chain, and doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s a fun-loving, active dog who loves to play and chew on his toys. He is great with other dogs, and likes to play chase and wrestle, but at nighttime, he’s also one to snuggle up with his pack and settles in well. We think he’d do best in a home with another young, playful dog and a fenced yard to romp and play in. He’s OK with cats, but might chase them if they run.

Since he is still an adolescent and likes to test boundaries, Bodie needs an owner who will work with him on his manners and basic obedience skills, and be committed to his daily walks and playtime. He’s crate trained and house trained, and Bodie’s foster mom, Lisa, says he’s pretty good at keeping himself entertained. She enjoys watching him throw his toys in the air and chase them around the house, and if you give him a bone or chew toy, he will stay entertained for a while. Lisa describes Bodie as a goofy dog who loves life.

Bodie will make a great family dog, and is best suited for a home with kids over 7. He’s a fun dog with a good nature who just needs someone to show him ropes. Bodie is so lucky to have a second chance at a better life, and we think he knows it.

If you see a dog who is living on a chain or penned in isolation, please be their advocate and take action. Here are some things you can do to help:

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