Sara’s Next Chapter

Sweet Sara is a Carolina Dog mix who was turned in to a high-kill shelter in rural South Carolina with her eight newborn puppies. Shelters can be a chaotic and stressful environment for most dogs, so you can imagine the fear this poor mom felt having been abandoned in an unfamiliar place when she needed security the most. She was naturally protective of her new babies around other dogs, a normal behavior for any new mom, but it got her unfairly labeled as an unsocial dog by the shelter. Our Worthy Dog Rescue team knew this meant she would likely never make it out of that shelter, and rescued this sweet girl to give her a second chance.

The Sara we have come to know and love is a happy, good-natured dog who is playful and affectionate. She’s currently being fostered with several dogs big and small, and a kitty too, and does well with them all. She likes to play chase with the younger dogs, and is respectful of the small dogs and seniors that come through her foster home. She’ll chase the cat on occasion, but Sara understands that the cat rules the roost, as they tend to do.

After a quiet first few days in her foster home as she assessed her new environment, it only took Sara a short time to come out of her shell and show her true sweet disposition. She can still be a little skittish around fast movements, and you get the sense that someone probably hit her in the past, but despite that experience she’s a dog who really thrives on love and attention, and being connected to her person. She will make some lucky owner a great companion.

I took Miss Sara on a hike through Rock Creek Park last weekend and she did great. She was respectful and social with both of my dogs, greeted new dogs and hikers on the trail with ease, and had no reaction to the horses who trotted by. She does have an interest in squirrels at times, but she’s easily redirected. Sara is only 4 years old and weighs about 52 pounds, and is coming into that perfect age where she’s active and will make a great hiking buddy, but also knows how to relax inside the home and snuggle up with you on the couch. She was excellent in the car, calmly sitting on the seat and watching the world with interest, and was just a pleasure to spend time with.

Sara is crate-trained, housetrained, and has learned to sit and wait patiently for her leash at walk time. She loves to go on walks and gets excited to sniff the world around her, so she could probably use a little practice on her leash walking skills. She’s the kind of dog you can take with you anywhere, and is always up for a new adventure. She would do well in an active home, and be a great playmate for another dog, or kids over 10. Most of all, she needs a stable home and an attentive family with the time and love to give to this affectionate pup.

Sara is a great example of the countless dogs who don’t do well in a shelter environment, but prosper in a stable, loving home. She could have easily been a casualty of the system who mislabeled her, but luckily she found her way to rescue and has flourished in foster care. We wish we had more foster homes to save dogs like Sara, who need a calm, safe environment and some TLC until they find their new family.

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