Adoption Success: Sarah Ann

Congratulations to sweet little Sarah Ann, now known as Stella, who was officially adopted by her foster family today.

Stella was rescued from a shed with 12 other neglected dogs, locked up most of her life with no windows or access to the outdoors, and repeatedly bred by a backyard breeder. She was terrified of the outside world, unsocialized, and shut down, and had never lived in a home or known the love of a family.

A few weeks ago, Stella’s luck changed for the better when she went to stay with the Pryzbys, a great new Worthy Dog foster family in Reston. The Pryzby’s were committed to Stella’s rehabilitation, and were patient with her as she learned the rules of home life, starting with the basics of potty training and learning to walk on leash. Stella was so terrified of the world that it took weeks just to get her out the door on a leash without a total shutdown. We brought in a trainer to work with the Pryzbys to help Stella overcome some of her fears, and while there were good days and setbacks, the family stayed committed to her success.

Stella is now a happy, family dog who likes to snuggle in bed, and is quite fond of her new mom and sister, and has found a canine pal in Cookie, their senior rescue pup. She’s warming up to the men of the family, and now enjoys taking several walks a day, and has become more affectionate and comfortable with people in general.

The great news for Worthy Dog is that Stella’s foster family wants to continue fostering to help more dogs like her. Her foster mom Margo writes, “Once Stella gets fully settled into a routine, we would seriously consider fostering another dog. I think we had to have Stella break us in a bit, and teach us just how much an abused or neglected dog needs to learn in order to become a healthy companion.”

We are so thankful for dedicated foster families like the Pryzbys. If you’re interested in fostering or want to learn more, go to our Foster Application and fill out the form.

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