Albert’s Timely Rescue

Albert is an adorable and resilient Terrier mix who once had a home and someone who loved him, but his life took a tragic turn when his owner passed away. Albert found himself chained to a tree, abandoned in the heat of summer, with no shelter or consistent source of food and water. Covered in ticks, fleas, and matted fur, his teeth were worn down from trying to chew his way off the chain. He was also suffering from heartworm disease, and living in constant pain from an old leg injury that had been left untreated. Despite the hardships he’s endured, Albert remains an incredibly sweet, gentle soul who just wants to be loved and have a person to call his own again.

Albert comes to us from York County, South Carolina, where Worthy Dog Rescue has volunteers on the ground who work with Animal Control to respond to dogs in distress in rural and disadvantaged areas. They have set up a hotline for dogs who need help, and when reports come in of a dog who is chained or penned outside, they engage the dog’s owner to start a dialogue and build rapport, in an effort to gain their trust so they can offer support to the dog. Volunteers bring supplies like food, fresh water, and flea spray with the goal of making the dog’s life a little better that day, and work to educate their owners about a more humane way to treat their dogs.

In Albert’s case, a volunteer named Jennifer noticed him chained to a tree in a small, overgrown yard behind a house that looked to be abandoned. She gave him food and fresh water, and made a point to come back the next day to see if anyone was around. When she returned to the house, a woman was packing some items in her car and Jennifer stopped to talk with her. She learned that Albert had belonged to the woman’s mother, and they inherited him when she passed away. The family wasn’t interested in keeping him, so when they moved out, they left Albert chained to a tree with no intention of caring for him. If Jennifer hadn’t returned to check on him, he would have been left there to die.

The good news is that awful life is behind him now, and Albert is safe and recuperating in his foster home in Arlington. Worthy Dog Rescue works closely with our South Carolina team, leveraging our local resources, to find foster and adoptive homes for dogs like Albert who deserve a much better life. In just a matter of days, Albert has begun to come out of his shell, and is even reaching out for affection. He loves to snuggle, and will rest his head on his foster mom’s lap, looking up with his big brown eyes wanting love and reassurance. He’s adopted an old recliner as his favorite spot, where he curls up and takes naps with his blanket, enjoying what is probably the first quality sleep he’s had in some time.

Albert still has a ways to go for a full recovery, but he’s only 4 or 5 years old and has a long life ahead of him. He’s still weak, and needs to gain some weight after not having regular access to food, but he’ll be close to 30 pounds at his ideal weight. He’s starting his heartworm treatment this week, but will also need dental work, as well as surgery and rehabilitation to address his untreated leg injury. While Albert’s medical costs will be considerable, we are committed to him and want him to have the life he deserves.

We are looking for a long-term foster home for Albert who can offer a stable, calm environment as he recovers, or an adopter who has the time to devote to him and help with his rehabilitation. Someone who is retired or works from home with a flexible schedule would be ideal. Even with all that he’s been through, Albert is a social dog who loves being around people, and would do well as an only dog or with another calm canine companion. He’s house trained, loves to explore the world on walks, and is a huge fan of belly rubs. He will make some lucky owner a great companion.

If you’re able to donate towards Albert’s care, we could really use your support. We’ve started a fundraising page on YouCaring to help us cover some of his medical costs.

If you would like to follow Albert’s journey or learn more about our local rescue efforts, join us on Facebook.

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