Adoption Success: Chase

Adoption Update! In late 2012 after the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newton, CT, Worthy Dog Rescue partnered with Little Rascals Doggy Daycare and Boarding in effort to remember all 26 victims of the shooting. This senseless tragedy left many people feeling hopeless, and Debbie Gomes, the owner of Little Rascals, was frustrated by the media’s focus and promotion of the killer, and wanted to make a difference by doing something positive to honor the life of each victim.

Debbie’s idea was to rescue one animal to represent each of the victims. Over the next few months, in an effort called 26 Acts of Kindness, Worthy Dog and Little Rascals partnered to save 26 cats and dogs. Worthy Dog identified animals in distress from SC, VA, and WV who were living in dire situations and had run out of time, provided transportation and medical care, and Little Rascals donated their time, care, and space in their facility to each lucky animal to make the effort possible.

We recently received an adoption update on Chase, who is named after a beautiful little boy, Chase Kowalski, one of the Sandy Hook victims. Chase was rescued from a hoarding situation in SC, and was deprived of love, socialization, and basic care. When he first joined his new family, Chase was anxious, had severe separation anxiety, and was fearful of engaging in the new world around him. Today, Chase is a much more confident and happy dog, and he recently joined his family at the beach for some summer fun.

Here’s an update from Chase’s family:

Chase has a goofy, compassionate personality and loves us so unconditionally it makes my heart melt. He goes to the dog park every other day and has claimed half of our couch as his own. We still work on his issues constantly, but he gets a little bit better every day. He has little quirks that make us crack up; he puts all four of his feet in the water bowl at the dog park and also breaks up dog fights by just inserting himself in the middle and acting like nothing is going on (and it works!) We are so blessed that he was rescued and he became a member of our family. Chase is sincerely an inspiration to us every day. When I think about all that he has been through and how he maintains such a happy and loving personality, I fall in love with my big boy all over again.

We love having these updates to share to show the power of compassion, and hope you will continue to share this story. The 26 Acts of Kindness initiative was a great way to honor the Sandy Hook victims, and save the lives of 26 deserving animals who had run out of time. We wish Chase and his family many more happy years together, and we salute them for their commitment to rescue and saving a pup like Chase, who needed a little more TLC to make his transition to home life.

A special thanks to Debbie at Little Rascals… We value your partnership and commitment to rescue, and being such a great foster mom to our pups!

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