Adoption Success: Ozzy

Meet Ozzy, formerly known as Choco-latte. Ozzy came to Worthy Dog Rescue from South Carolina after his owner fell on hard times and lost his home, which meant that Ozzy would have returned to life on a chain. It was clear from the scars around Ozzy’s neck, the condition of his legs and teeth, and the fact that he was heartworm positive that he had not had an easy life or been properly cared for. Despite those circumstances, he is still an incredibly sweet, joyful, and social dog who just wants to be loved, and deserves a better life. Thankfully, his owner wanted more for Ozzy and released him to rescue.

As a senior bully mix, Ozzy is a true success story in every way. He is now living a charmed life in Arlington, VA with Scott, a first-time dog owner and rescue enthusiast who was committed to saving a dog who needed a little more help than others. Scott was well aware of the plight of Pit Bulls and other bully breeds, and wanted to make a difference. Initially, he had only planned to foster Ozzy, but within two days of bringing him home, Scott knew it was meant to be.

Ozzy has quickly settled in with Scott, and is enjoying life in his new home. It only took him a few days to claim the comfy living room couch as his primary hangout, and he now knows he can expect daily walks and treats. Ozzy gets really excited when Scott returns home from work, and will gleefully bark when it’s time to go outside. They stroll through the neighborhood at Ozzy’s leisurely pace, and he calmly greets all the dogs and people they meet.

When we met Ozzy to do his photo shoot, he greeted us at the front door with enthusiasm and then promptly sat right by my side, proudly welcoming me to his new home. We all walked to the park and watched Ozzy roll around in the grass, pumping his legs in the air and enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. It was so great to see the joy on Ozzy’s face.

Ozzy beat the odds, and is extremely lucky to have found his way into rescue. The chances of survival for any bully breed who winds up in a shelter are not great, and the fact that Ozzy is also a senior dog makes his adoption that much less likely. Pit Bulls and Pit mixes like Ozzy have a staggering 93% euthanasia rate in our shelters, and there is only a 1 in 600 chance that a Pit Bull who does find its way to a shelter will then find their forever home.

A special thanks to adopters like Scott who choose to give these often-overlooked dogs like Ozzy a second chance, and a loving home to spend their golden years.

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